Hill Country Region

 This is the driving line instructors will be teaching at the events.

What is a DE Event?

A DE event is a chance for you to drive your sports car at speed in the controlled environment of a race track setting. From time to time the track layout may change to provide a new format for applying your DE driving techniques.

These events are NOT RACES, rather the focus is on SAFETY and LEARNING. The first few times you attend DE events, you WILL have an experienced instructor in the car with you at ALL times. For track sessions you will be grouped with people who drive at approximately your same speed, and you will drive in 4 of these 25-minute sessions each day. New drivers attend 2 entertaining and informative classroom sessions each day, as well as a helpful braking exercise between class and track sessions.

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What do I need to know before my first DE?

The DE Handbook contains information about the DE process and track requirements. READ IT! All drivers must have a helmet meeting Snell SA or M2000 (or later) standards. Drivers of "stock" cars must wear long pants of natural fibers and rubber soled, closed-toe shoes. A shirt of natural fibers is recommended. Drivers of "race-prepared" cars should wear clothing that conforms to the requirements of Porsche Club Racing. All participants must have their vehicles technically inspected. Failure to complete the technical inspection prior to the DE Event will require that the vehicle be inspected by our safety staff for a fee before you are allowed to drive it on track.  We do not guarantee that we will be able to do this for you in any timely manner so this will likely delay beginning your DE session. Please, please get the tech inspection done before the event.  You must have a completed Technical Inspection Form to receive your registration package at the track. The gates open at TWS at 6:45 am on the Saturday of the DE. There is a mandatory drivers' meeting at 7:30 am. If you are not present, you will not be allowed to drive until you have been briefed by the Chief Instructor and not before the lunch break. BE THERE! Following the driver's meeting, track and classroom sessions will be according to the standard schedule. No pets are allowed at the track. Your family is welcome, but you must use extra caution with your own and others' children in this high activity event. 

Just Visiting?

If you plan to participate in a future DE (or think you might), but wish to visit one before applying just to see what it is all about, you are most welcome to do so. When you arrive at the track, please contact the HCR member at the "GRID IN" desk (at the entrance to where the cars line up to go on the track). He or she will introduce you to one of our DE "Mentors", who will be happy to show you around and answer your questions.

Tech Inspection Stations

All DE participants must have their car inspected within 2 weeks prior to the event. Please take the Technical Inspection Form to your mechanic of choice. The following local shops have all agreed to do inspections. Regardless of who you use, please call and make an appointment ahead of time!

If you are outside of Austin or use a mechanic that is not on this list, simply take the inspection form to your mechanic and have them fill it out.

(list coming soon!)

Additional Information and References

All about Helmets