Hill Country Region

HCRPCA Charity Nomination Process


  • Provide a way for the membership to nominate charities
  • Provide a documented, objective way to assess nominations
  • Provide an open avenue of communications between the board and the membership about charitable activities



  • Submit nominations using the “Charity Nomination Request Form” by the end of Q1, March of each year.
  • Provide all the information the board needs to make an informed decision, especially the percentage of contributions going directly to assist the charity.
  • Nominations will be considered and decisions made at first board meeting of Q2.
  • Selections will be announced to the membership via email.
  • Participating charities may be selected in a subsequent year, but shall not be selected for more than two consecutive years.
  • Budget allocated for charitable contributions will be capped at the amount of membership dues rebated to the region which now averages ~ 5% of the treasury balance.
Should an HCRPCA member feel a charity or cause to be both consistent with the mission of HCRPCA and worthy of our support, download the nomination form, found here.