Hill Country Region

Tech Sessions  Opportunities for Porsche owners to learn more about detailing, dealing with door dings and rock chips, to understanding Porsche suspension geometry, regular vehicle maintenance, common repairs, and DIY opportunities.

“What’s in your wheel well??”

Come join fellow HCR PCA members for our first spring Tech Session.

This tech session will be hosted at a private venue by a friend who is a true car enthusiast and really nice guy.  This space has been purposely built for working on cars.  It features three lifts, a retractable paint booth, and a great area to sit and relax.

This will be a fun way to meet fellow members in a relaxed environment and learn something about the car that you love to drive.

Topics for March 22nd include, but are not limited to:

·         Wheels – Removal, cleaning, and waxing.  A great thing to do at least once a year.  Having a good coat of wax on your wheels makes it much easier to clean off the brake dust when you wash your car.

 ·         Brakes – Are my pads getting low?  Thinking about attending a DE?  50% pad material or less will get flagged during a DE tech check.  How do you change them?  How about my brake discs?

 ·         Brake bleeding – What’s a power bleeder?  What type of brake fluid to use…?

 ·         Suspension Components – Tie rod ends, ball joints, bushings.  Check them out to see if they are worn.

 ·         Proper wheel torque – What’s a torque wrench, and how do I use it?

 Come join us – as we will have some fun and gauge interest for topics that members would like to cover during future HCR PCA tech sessions.

Hope to see you there!

Location:  Hudson Bend – Double Dome Road (On your left just south of the Mansfield Dam on FM620)
Start Time: 10am Saturday March 22nd
Questions: Contact – Dave Campbell  512-466-2066