Hill Country Region

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  • Using your computer, open up a web browser and log into your Google email account (Gmail)
  • Open up a new browser tab and go to the HCR PCA home page: www.hcrpca.org
  • Scroll down and look at the right side of the page for the HCR Calendar:

  • Click the + Google Calendar button and you will be prompted to add the HCR calendar to your own Gmail calendar.
  • Once the HCR calendar has been added, it will appear within your Gmail calendar under "Other Calendars"
  • You can click on the calendar to select a specific color for HCR events
  • You can also click on the color that you selected to toggle the viewing of the calendar from on to off

OK - this is great for when I'm on my computer at home or at work, but how can I add the HCR calendar to my mobile device??

  • Download the Google Calendar App from the App Store
  • Open up the Calendar App and you will be prompted to log into your Gmail account
  • Once you are logged in, you will see that all of your calendars are now synched up

If you have addition questions,  support can be found here: