Hill Country Region

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OK, at long last, the site's been redone using web tools developed in a world that know the 997 exists. (OK I made that up, but go with it...)

The site has had a complete brain transplant from a tools perspective but we tried to honor as much of the past awesome work that went into it winning PCA's best website award just a few years ago.

Major changes:

1) Added a new super awesome members area that uses a social networking approach and integrates into Facebook.  In fact, you can even login with your existing Facebook login, share statuses and other great Facebook integrations.  More goodness to come in this space.  This members area replaces the forums on the old site as well as the pictures gallery.  You will need your PCA member number and one of the site super users will need to approve your application for access.  Please be patient as we're not on the site every day approving new users.

2) Horizons has been promoted to a major tab on the front page so it's easier to find the awesome publication that Horizons is.  Past issues may also be found here.

3) The news section has also been updated with some new feeds from sites of interest to our members.  If there's additional feeds that you think would be good to put here, please just send me (Rob Price) a message in our members area with the URL and I'll see what i can do.

4) Under the hood, the site is now completely updated with the latest versions of some great site building software that if any of you are interested in helping to maintain, please holler at me and I'll happily take the help.  Think Joomla and JomSocial.  If that means something to you, then you're my kinda helper.

5) Ads!  We have ads now fully integrated into the user area.  Basically what that means is you have to be signed in to see the ads menu but once you sign in to the member area, then you'll see an "Ads" menu magically appear in the main set of tabs.  This also means that only members can see your ads so that should cut down on the spam and scams that basically are Craigslist (unfortunately).

Thanks for being a member and we'll see you 'round at some of our great events!


HCRPCA Webmaster